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How about an update.

Posted by on April 26, 2016 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Kathy and I flew into Clow for breakfast last week. I wanted to check out the new runway and Kathy wanted to check out where Chicago Center is in Aurora. Our son is an enroute controller in LA Center and he is transfering to Chicago Center next January. Kathy is helping him figure out where he is going to live.

I thought the new runway was terrific. Taxing was not an issue as the transition to the raised and leveled runway was gentle enough.  Breakfast at Charlie's was fun. Kathy had never been there.

Later in the week I received my finishing kit from Van's. This kit has the landing gear, engine mount, cowling and canopy. It also has a lot of misc interior pieces. I will order the engine and prop along with the firewall forward items soon.

When Kathy agreed to the plane, she had one condition. This time it had to have real seats instead of just the uncovered foam pads I have in the Sonex. They are now on order, along with the seat belts. Mission accomplished!

Back to building!

Bob Meyers

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2015 Activity

Posted by on September 13, 2015 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I thought I would add a new post as a lot has happened since the last one in February of 2014.

The Sonex is still flying great and I have over 350 hours on the HOBBS meter. It's been to two Airventures since the last post but I was weathered out of the ASA flyin at Crossville TN in 2014.  I hope to make the 2015 event in about a month.

Speaking of Airventure.  In the last post I see that I failed to mention that Kathy and I decided to build another plane! At the 2013 Airventure we ordered an RV14A.  As of today I have finished the wings, the tail feathers and the aft fuselage.

The fuselage kit was delivered 9/10/15, just a couple of days ago. All the inventory has been accounted for and put away and I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the plane done.


Bob Meyers

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2013 Wrap up

Posted by on February 28, 2014 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been almost a year since I posted here. I had a lot of great flying last year including another trip to Crossville TN for a Sonex flyin in October 2013. We had 40 Sonex aircraft attend. It was the largest gathering yet of Sonex aircraft.

Kathy wasn't able to fly with me much this summer but we had one great day together.  We got out early on a gorgeous day and flew to Davenport Iowa.

Kathy loves to look at rivers from the air so we flew out low and followed several rivers including the Rock river. Then we did some flying along the Mississippi at 3000' before refuelling and a leg stretch in Davenport. On the way back we headed for an early lunch at Rochelle and then sat around and watched the sky divers before heading home to Gary.

I flew N982SX up to Oshkosh again for AirVenture. While there, Kathy and I decided to build another plane - an RV-14.  I got a demo flight and we ordered the available kits. That plane is well underway in the garage.

It was time for my flight review in Novermber so chapter member Dan Walton went up with me and signed me off. He enjoyed being back in a Sonex now that his is sold. Dan also took me up in his Pitts this year which was a real treat.

It's now the end of February and I haven't been up since December 28 because of the snow and the cold. It also doesn't look like the weather is going to break soon either.  The itch to fly is going to need to be scratched soon!

Bob Meyers


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Got some flying in over the winter

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This winter I was able to get some flying in, unlike the last two.  I made myself a nice little engine preheater that raised the engine oil temp 40 degrees above ambient in an hour.  It is made with a small 1800 watt electric heater from home depot along with some air ducting attached to it.

I got up in January and February for several times.  I've put on about 20 hours since December including a bunch in April so I have a good start on the flying season.

I've also done some work on the airplane that I reported at the chapter meetings.  I finished the build out of the cargo box area and a neat divider panel to keep anything from falling out of the box into the aft fuselage area.

This blog area stopped working for me last year after the two posts I made.  Now that it seems to be working again I'll try and post more.

Bob Meyers

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