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Schaumburg Regional Airport (06C), Schaumburg, IL

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To the airport!

Posted by on May 17, 2017 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (2)

Wow, the middle of May and...

   Both the RV-14A fuselage and the Sonex are at there new home at C56

   I've got 8 hours of transition training completed

   Got my high performance endorsement

   Got a flight review completed

   Wings ready to move to the airport and on the plane this coming Sunday

   I have my BasicMed completed, so with the high performance endorsement I'm legal to fly the 210hp RV-14A

What a fun plane to fly. My 8 hours flying Van's RV-14A in Oregon were wonderful. It's a rocket. Now all I need to do is the finish up tasks and get my airworthiness certificate.  Still on track for a first flight in June

Bob Meyers

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Getting exciting now!

Posted by on March 15, 2017 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

As of the first week in March I have the prop mounted and the engine installation is complete on my RV-14A.

I have a number of non building tasks planned or completed already. I have decided to move the 14 to C56 (in Monee IL) instead of KGYY (Gary IN). I think I will probably end up moving the Sonex from Gary to there instead of the other way around. The hanagers are nicer and have remote control heat. Heat didn't matter with the Sonex since I don't fly it much in the winter, but the 14 will get much more winter use. The hangers also are bigger and fitting both in the one hanger will be much easier. I will move mid April to early May.

I have scheduled transition training with a CFI who flies a 14 for the second week of May. He flies out of Oregon, so I will have to go to the west coast for a few days. I had planned on going to a guy on the east coast but he has taken a new job and is moving and unable to provide transition training anymore.

My insurance is also all ready to go. The quote was very reasonable on price and requirements for initial training.

I also scheduled my physical with my doctor for May 4th. He has looked over the Basic Med form he will need to sign and said he would be happy to sign it. Basic Med gives me everything I want without the hassle of a third class medical. However, unless Canada opts to allow US pilots with Basic Med to fly into their airspace I will not be able to fly the plane to Alaska, which was a long term plan.

I still have quite a bit to detail items to complete on the plane but it is substantially finished at this point.

First flight by or in June!

Bob Meyers


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